Commemorative logo for 30 year anniversary of a New York running club. The Pegasus is symbolic of speed, strength and freedom, soaring beyond the boundaries of the physical world where the spirit has no limits. With a desire to update the visual presence of the club, the Pegasus serves as a rallying call to move the club forward.

Children and Nature Collection. Bringing awareness for wildlife and wild places across the globe.

Graphic for tee for Children and Nature Collection.

Logo for buzz buzz tweet tweet. Modern play clothes for children that are whimsical, yet functional - sophisticated, yet appropriate. Designed with simple refined silhouettes paired with the finest textiles and craftsmanship - including hand-drawn fanciful prints, sustainable textiles, and exquisite details.

Packaging for Gucci gift promotion with illustrator Pierre Le-Ta.

Logo. Custom designed typeface to accompany the hand illustrated image and type, evoking the indie culture of the film company.

Logo for Orithyia. Athleisure collection designed to inspire and motivate women through beauty, ease and performance. Functionality and practicality are woven within the aesthetic of elegance and well being.